3 Steps To Start Manifesting What You Want

Here are three steps you can take today that will allow you to manifest what you want in life. Living an abundant life is available to all individuals on this Earth and it all depends on the mindset.

By applying these steps, you will increase your ability to access the abundance that surrounds you and also allow you to manifest what you desire in your life.

Step 1: Define What You Want Clearly

Knowing what you want is so important to manifest it.It is practically impossible for the universe to give you what you want if you don’t know what you want.

People who know exactly what they want can manifest their desires.

It is sometimes easier to identify what we want by focusing on a feeling. For example, you know you don’t want to be tied financially because you need to feel financial freedom.

That feeling will be important because the more that feeling is present in your life, the more you will know that are moving toward your desire. When you define what you want, simply start with the following statement: “I want”.

That will stop you from describing what you don’t want.

Step 2: Identify Actions You Can Take

Once you’ve identified what you want more in your life, you can start brainstorming a list of small actions. Abundance doesn’t happen overnight.

Most people who live an abundant life will tell you that they work at it every day. On a daily basis, they are accomplishing small actions that aligns them with what they want in life.

These small actions will get you closer to your desire.

If we use the previous example about financial freedom. We can ask ourselves, what can bring me financial freedom? Paying my credit card debt would bring me a feeling of financial freedom.

What action can I take right now to pay my credit card debt?

Then make a list of actions like the following:

  • Make a daily deposit of $10 to my card until I have paid it off.
  • Cut my card so that I never use it again
  • Sell clothes that I no longer wear and use the money to pay my credit card.

Step 3: Act Now

Pick an action that is the most realistic for you and apply it today. Only actions will lead you to what you desire.

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